Next-gen payment & settlement network

AllenSwift is the Sacco Equivalent of PesaLink

| payment network.



AllenSwift the same day settlement network.

Fast & Realtime

Allenswift Instant transfer service guarantees instant value to the beneficiary by moving money from one Sacco account to another whether individual or business. The service is offered via bank’s internet banking, mobile/USSD, Agency banking, and ATMs.


AllenSwift provides auditable logs for all transactions and is protected by high levels of encryption

Same Day Settlements

AllenSwift offers same day settlement between institutions via tradational banking channels


With AllenSwift API you can connect to your existing core banking system.Thus complementing the existing solutions and lowering the costs of implementation

Exeptional IT Service & Support

Our IT services and support enables you to save on your business funds and focus on your core business by freeing up more of your time, improving efficiency of operations, and bringing in a new perspective to manage your IT infrastructure with innovative and problem-solving capabilities.

Cost Reduction

With our highly effective IT solutions, design thinking approach and flexible engagement models, you will, very quickly see cost effective business operations performing at highest economies of scale. You will have a greater business predictability in terms of overall costs and reduced overheads


Allenswift dashboard has unrivalled reporting features for you to analyze and improve operations. Reporting features include: 1. Generating reports with data, charts, and graphs 2. Export reports to Excel or PDF. 3. Include several standard reports. 4. Reports area is accessible from the desktop and web clients.

Reversals & Recovery

Deliver a seamless customer experience. Get a single customer view across all channels. Using machine learning to minimize delays during reversals and recovery requests. AllenSwift provides API & UI based reversal and recovery processes to maximize efficiency in your organization.

Automated Bulk Payments

This functionality enables sending of mass payments which funds transfer instructions of corporate and institutional customers of Saccos which have been captured electronically as a single file are presented or delivered by Saccos to Allenswift for processing.

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Re-shaping the Future of Banking Today

Process and execute the full range of banking operations with our secure automated system. We made resilience, availability, high performance, and security as our key deliverables for this platform. Gain faster time-to-market for your financial products.


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