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By AllenHark

The hub is a place where Sacco's, Micro-Finance, Banks and investors can meet, make investment deals and conduct overnight lending with each other.

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The Hub features at a glance

Investor Network

The Hub gives you immediate membership to a community of the world’s most influential decision makers. By joining The Hub we connect you with a robust network spanning finance, business and government for a distinct advantage when generating ideas, conducting research and finding trading partners.

Overnight Lending

Allenhark has advanced capital business system and experienced professionals. The Hub can meet clients demands of capitals in short term and liquidity management by conducting Institutional lending in a legal, active and stable way.

Share Ideas

Have complete authority over who can access, research with rigorous permissioning by individual, team or department. Stay a-head of requirements with compliance tools that capture and organize communications.

Portfolio Management

Achieve more, with far less overhead.Allenhark software solutions easily scale as you grow: integrating smoothly with other solutions through APIs and covering multiple asset classes and geographies addressing complexity at its source.

The Hub Spot

Send, receive and manage emails over our secure network with your personalized Hub pass.

Vetted Members

The Hub represents a world of potential colleagues, collaborators and customers from across the globe. Each member’s identity is validated and secured through Allenhark, allowing you to converse, collaborate and trade with confidence.

The Hub Membership

The Hub access is free for AllenHark Core Banking System Users. Membershipp fee can be paid quarterly.


Investor Pass

KES 100K


  • Full Access
  • Support
  • Deal Room


KES 250K


  • Deal Room
  • Secure Communication
  • Overnight Lending
  • Access to Investors

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