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Allenhark Core banking platform is Fast to integrate, Flexible to meet your business needs, whether a bank, microfinance or a private high-end Sacco dealing with tens of millions a day.

A full range of Digital Banking Capabilities.

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    Loan Origination

    Streamline customer and back-office integrations with a fully automated, end-to-end process - go from simulation to request to scoring to approval, all in just minutes.

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    Finance Management

    Help your customers improve their financial well-being with multi-banking and personal finance management solutions like budgeting, forecasting, and smart recommendations - all in one simple app.

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    Make transactions easy, with support for instant payments, Request to Pay, Google Pay and mobile money.

Why choose us

Digital First


Internet Banking

Access daily transaction tracking, payment transfer, notifications, while maintaining the integrity of its systems environment with the back-end systems and avoiding turning the road to innovation into soiled channels and fractured customer experiences



Clients can perform quick, convenient transactions with no internet connection meaning it is accessible anytime and from anywhere. Airtime top-up, Bills payments, Mini statement, pin change and reset balance inquiry in a press of a button


Mobile App

Reduce payment security complexities, speed up application development while ensuring compliance and leveraging Allenharks’ core banking system's cutting-edge technologies to offer state-of-the-art digital payments and banking services

Launch a bank in 14 days

Are you are a Neobank, Sacco or established institution? We can help you ideate, design and deliver a digital-first value proposition that will set your bank or Sacco up to achieve business objectives and ensure profitability. Co-design with digital banking industry experts, get advice on which capabilities suit you best, deliver a successful MVP (Minimal Viable Product), and ensure a strong go-to-market. We provide your digital banking blueprint in a matter of weeks

Multi Channel Outlets


Front Office

Easily adoptable by the front office since training is minimal thus optimizing your organization efficiency ratio thus leading to large cost-reduction and seamless user experience leading to high volume operations.


Back Office

The core banking system has the ability to process transactions automatically and in a secure manner and efficiently transform administrative, payment and support services allowing seamless flow of information between Front, middle and back offices


Agency Banking

Convert local shops into agents. Manage from a central space. We have everything You Need to Grow and Manage a Successful Agent Network. Expand your market reach quickly and efficiently with the most robust and reliable Agency Banking solution.

Fully Integrated



Automatically fetch payment/disbursement requests from core banking system. Complete transactions by disbursing cash to Mpesa individual accounts also a customer can transfer the money to your Sacco or Bank via their mobile phone.


Pesalink & RTGS

Empower your customers to conveniently send money directly to the recipient’s bank account in real time by simply using their mobile number since Pesa Link & RTGS can be integrated in our core banking system



Transactions are instantaneous, with AllenSwift there is not waiting for transactions to clear. This transfer service guarantees instant value to the beneficiary from moving money from one sacco to another whether individual or business

Unrivaled reporting

With AllenHark core banking system, you get amazing out of the box reporting.

AllenHark Meatbase

Digitize your institution now

AllenHark offers a free forever plan for instituion with a potfolio size of less than $30K (3M KES) to grow.





  • Core Banking
  • Digital Channels
  • AllenSwift
  • Limited Support


50k - 1.5M

per year

  • Front Office
  • Agency Banking
  • ATM Card support
  • Custom Paybill channels



per year

  • On Premise Install
  • On Site Training
  • Realtime Support
  • Open API

Re-shaping the Future of Banking Today

Process and execute the full range of banking operations with our secure automated system. We made resilience, availability, high performance, and security as our key deliverables for this platform. Gain faster time-to-market for your financial products.


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